What is Shutterstock?

Shutterstock is one of the best and most famous image downloading websites on the market, with over 50 million royalty-free stock images, vector graphics, illustrations, and more than 2 million video and audio files.

With Shutterstock images downloader, you’re able to download stock photos of the best quality of production and resolution.

But don’t just take my word for it- in this article, we’re going to compare Shutterstock with 3 other giants in the stock image market: Alamy, Dreamstime, and 123rf. Then, we’ll determine which one is the best fit for your stock image needs.

Shutterstock vs. Dreamstime

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1- Collection

Dreamstime is a large library of stock photos, including 29 million images, illustrations, and video clips. However, Shutterstock’s collection of vectors, photos, and illustrations are double this size, which makes it superior.

2- Audio

Dreamstime doesn’t include any audio files, but Shutterstock does.

3- Quality

The quality of the images in the Shutterstock downloader is high, which makes it a great choice for large prints like billboards or banners. Shutterstock images downloader gives you images that have 300 DPI, guaranteeing their quality.

But Dreamstime has relatively poor quality of images and doesn’t go near Shutterstock in that regard.

4- Interface

Shutterstock has an incredibly user-friendly website that makes sure it’s easy to look up your desired photos. Dreamstime has a somewhat buggy interface, which isn’t ideal for image searches at all.


Shutterstock vs. Alamy


shutterstock images downloader without watermark


1- Products Direction

Compared to Alamy, Shutterstock has better photo descriptions and an easier-to-use website, which makes it very convenient to search for stock images. In fact, through Shutterstock images downloader, you can be led to the exact stock images that you want. It only takes a few seconds to find the right image.

2- Convenience

When you search for an image on Alamy, it gives you many photos that you don’t need or want. However, Shutterstock has a smarter search engine that can easily pin down the photos and illustrations you’re looking for.

Apart from that, the Alamy website is a bit slow to use, which is pretty time consuming compared to the fast interface of Shutterstock images downloader.

3- Variety

Both websites offer a lot of different stock images, but the content downloaded with Shutterstock downloader has more variety in size and formats, and you’re sure to find what you need for your business.

Shutterstock vs. 123rf


123rf downloader


1- Library

The collection of photos offered by 123rf is only 9.5 million, which is a small amount next to the huge library you can have access to by Shutterstock images downloader. In addition to that, 123rf has limited filters for image search results, which we already saw Shutterstock covers.

There’s no doubt that you’ll have a higher chance of finding the photos and videos that you want on Shutterstock downloader.

2- Image Size

As I mentioned earlier, Shutterstock is a brilliant option for larger images. 123rf, though, has images of smaller sizes, which won’t have the same premium quality as the ones you can get with Shutterstock downloader.

3- User Experience

The 123rf website is somewhat slow and buggy, and they tend to overcharge customers for photos and footage. You won’t have that problem with Shutterstock downloader, because you get to download images for free and receive royalty-free content.

Shutterstock Images Downloader

Now that we’ve determined the pros of using Shutterstock images free download, we’re going to introduce a way to download Shutterstock images without having to pay a lot of extra fees.

With the Shutterstock images downloader available through StocksBunny, you can get the Shutterstock images free download- and that’s not even the best part. With Shutterstock images downloader, it’s easy to download all Shutterstock photos and files without the annoying watermark all over them.

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By using our Bunny Shutterstock downloader, getting the images you want for your website or business is going to be so convenient and effortless. Shutterstock image downloader without watermark is the best tool you can find for your high-quality stock image needs.

Shutterstock images downloader is incredibly easy to use. It’s got an intuitive interface that’s easy to navigate through, so you only have to spare a few seconds of your time to have your images ready for download. Follow these few steps:

  • To download from StocksBunny, first look up the image you want on Shutterstock and copy its link.
  • Then, paste that link into the box provided in our Shutterstock downloader.
  • It’s that easy- Your image is ready for download.


All in all, I can tell you that our Shutterstock images downloader is the top tool you can find out there for downloading free images without watermark. At Seotech, we want to help you make economical choices for your business and climb the ranks at the same time.